Change a little to improve a lot

When it come to positive changes, many successful people have adopted the same patterns and routines. We've studied some of the top lifestyle and personal development experts in the world and they all have a pretty similar belief- to make positive changes in your life, you need to do the same thing just about everyday. That's right, we're talking about routine. In order to make the changes necessary to chase your dreams you need to simplify your day to day life and create a foolproof routine that prepares you mentally in the mornings and helps you wind down in the evenings. The experts agree that preparation is the key to success, no matter who you are or what you are doing. Preparation is the investment of time so that you can block out distractions and  execute your goals. 

Most people that don'texperience success fall short because of a lack of preparation. This shortfall allows small and insignificant hiccups to distract people from accomplishing the most important tasks. The devil is in the details as they say, and the small choices typically end up leading to the biggest results. A morning routine that involves meditation and or mindfullness, a creative block and organized approach to tackling tasks in the secret to success. Well, at this point, this really is no secret, yet many people still don't do it. These tasks seem easy but they are just as easy to blow off and push to another time which results in a distracted mind and the accomplishment of inimportants tasks. When you have a routine that you do day in and day out, you are training your brain and body to reserve crucial decision making for truly important things.  

In addition to a morning routine, an evening routine can really paid added dividends in your quest to live a productive life. By implementing an evening routine you can prep for your mornings and allow your body and mind to wind down allowing for more restfull sleep. Personally, I like to spend my evenings by reading and making and organizing things for the next day- like where I'm going, picking out my outfit and writing for 10-20 minutes about what I'm grateful for, and brainstorming. By doing this, I am able to wake up in the morning a knock out my morning routine and get out of the house without getting distracted. By conducting these routines I put myself on cruise control and I am able to save my decision making energy for the rest of the day whie avoiding stress and saving time. When it comes to running your own business or even just streamlining your days to live your best life, these routines can be game changers, and I mean if Tony Robbins swears by it's effectiveness who am I to say no?

Here is an example of my morning and evening routines:
6:30am: Wake and drink two glasses of water
6:40am: stretch and practice meditation for 10-15 minutes
7:00: Write / creative block for about an hour
8:00: Morning hygiene and prep to leave for the day

9:00: Prep meals for the next day
9:30:Start winding down using gratefulness writing
9:30: Evening hygiene
9:40: Lay out oufit
9:45: Read a book or study mentors

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