Coaching & Training Programs

Tailored Fitness offers programs for every level. Each plan is drafted with the individual in mind. Whether developing a coaching or non-coaching training program, Tailored Fitness strives to educate, inspire, and push you while showcasing your potential.


Fat Loss Training

3-4 days a week of weight training

1-2 days of cardio

By combining dynamic exercises, progressive intensity and nutritional strategy, this program will help you build muscle, strength, and endurance, all while boosting your metabolism to help shed those pounds and reveal a strong, confident body. 

Fat Loss Coaching

3-4 days a week weight training

1-2 days of cardio

This program includes personalized coaching to enhance your results by incorporating professional perspective and education foundations to implement long-terms success into your particular lifestyle.  


Strength & Muscle Training

4 days a week of weight training

1-2 days of cardio

This program combines foundational free weight exercises along with dynamic high-interval exercises. This allows you to build foundational strength and muscle mass in one powerful program.


Strength & Muscle Coaching

4 days a week of training

1-2 days of cardio

This program brings the intensity and coaching aspect to keep you mentally sharp throughout your programming. In addition to pushing your physical limits, you will also be assessing your development with your coach to ensure you experience constant progression. 


Be An Athlete, Train Like An Athlete Program

3 days a week

This program is one of our most enjoyable, yet challenging programs we offer. Learn how to workout like an athlete by exploring your range of motion and movement capabilities. While designed for anyone, this athletic approach focuses on increasing muscle and strength gain while emphasizing rest and recovery practices to help your body bounce back from these demanding wokouts.  

Bodyweight Workout

Whenever, wherever

This workout is perfect for anyone. Eliminate any excuses for not working out with a quick foundation building program that requires only a few feet of open space and minimal equipment. Get that heart rate up, and burn some calories while improving your cardio and strength.  

Sprint Madness Cardio Workout

2 days a week

This program will push your past your comfort zone, enabling you to reach new limits and oupace the competition. This workout has been designed for the pros, to create crazy gains not only in cardio output, but also in muscle, strength, and recovery development.