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When it comes to building a better body, most people struggle with eating the right amount of MICROnutrients regularly. Micronutrients consist of vitamins and minerals that help keep your body healthy while aiding in recovery and cellular regeneration. While gaining or losing weight can be achieved by hitting your macronutrient goals, many people forget to consume enough fruits and vegetables which can hinder health and slow natural progression. 

To combat this issue, we suggest making homemade smoothies to get more nutrients, even while on the go. These smoothies are a great way to consume more nutrient-dense foods. I personally have used the Nutribullet to mix shakes daily for the past 5 years. In fact, just a few minutes ago I blended up a delicious greens smoothie that is incredible. The recipe looked something like this:1 banana1 cup frozen mango2 cups spinach1 cup frozen pineapple2 tbsp honey1 tbsp ginger1/2 avocado2 ice cubes2 cups unsweetened almond milk        

This smoothie took about 4 minutes to make and is smooth and refreshing while also being packed with healthy vitamins and minerals. I typically blend protein smoothies when I need a meal replacement or to break my fast in the early afternoon. These homemade smoothies also are void of extra sugars added in bottled juices while containing additional nutrients that can be lost from juicing (such as fiber.) Recipes are easy to find and follow (we can help you with those as well), and it is fun to combine flavors to create your own shakes.      

     We recommend these so much, we are even considering doing a Nutribullet giveaway to several clients that sign up for our programs every few months. The Nutribullet usually costs about $100 (or about 3 dinners out) but is absolutely worth every penny. They are available at any Target, Walmart, and most general stores. So look into purchasing one, and consider it an investment in your health. The smoothies are a great way to enhance your quality of life and accomplish your goals without sacrificing much time, and you may even find that you save a little money! Let us know what you think!

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