In addition to years of their own research, study and development both coaches have recieved certification (C.S.C.S./CPT.). They understand that no two bodies are alike and will work with you to develop a training style that both suits and challenges you. 


Alex Durinka

Functional Training
Strength Training & Nutrition
Athletic Training

As an athlete, Alex Durinka has played hockey for over two decades. As a strength and conditioning coach, (C.S.C.S.) Alex's resume includes time spent training Olympic athletes with the Chinese national team. Alex has worked with athletes from various sports and enjoys the challenge of helping people perform at higher levels. Also, Alex received a bachelor's degree in nutrition from The Ohio State University. Alex's athletic, and academic experience have allowed him to guide the success of athletes and non-athletes alike, allowing them to conquer their obstacles and achieve their goals.


Alex Prange

Weight Loss
Muscular Hypertrophy
Plyometric and Ballistic Training

As a male model and actor, Alex Prange (CPT.) knows what it takes to be ready at a moments notice. In this highly competitive industry, there is no downtime or "offseason". As a result, Alex has learned how to develop a sustainable approach to maintaining a lean, healthy body. He knows that sustainability and success relies on whatever works best for his client. In addition, Alex's approach focuses on enhancing mobility and developing dynamic workouts that allow individuals to lose weight, build strength, muscle, endurance and confidence for the long-term results.